Fuel Injection Power-Clean Treatment

This treatment allows the direct cleaning of the fuel injectors, intake valves (indirect injection) and the combustion chamber with a highly concentrated solution, therefore enhancing performance and improving fuel economy.

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What causes clogged injectors?

The biggest cause of clogged injectors is the modern day fuel that they are designed to spray. However, it does not tend to be dirt within the fuel that causes the damage. The chemical formulation of the fuels we use today has evolved to become a selection of hydrocarbons.

These hydrocarbons generate more power but unfortunately leave deposits behind in the injectors and on the injector tips which reduces the quality of the spray pattern. Engine heat encourages the deposits to evaporate the fuel, leaving carbon deposits to bake on to the surfaces.

All of the premium fuel manufacturers use detergents in an attempt to prevent these deposits from building up. With modern day traffic, these detergents can not alone stop the build-up of carbon deposits, leading to clogged injectors, poor fuel efficiency, loss of power and increased emissions.

How do we clean fuel injectors?

Our treatment machine is connected directly to the vehicle fuel supply that feeds the fuel injector system. A highly concentrated cleaning solution is used to remove the carbon from the injector at high pressure restoring the injector's spray pattern (see illustration above) restoring fuel efficiency, lost power and reducing emissions.

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