Here you will find a selection of reviews from customers that have used our services and treatments.

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J Miller

"I had an EDT treatment on my Jaguar XJ after a timing chain repair. The treatment not only removed debris from the engine but resulted in smoother operation and an increase in fuel economy. Highly recommended."

L Humber

"Had an EDT treatment on my Ford Focus ST and my god I noticed a difference within seconds. My emissions were right on the limit at 0.2% and now it’s gone down to 0.03%! Fuel MPG has gone up by 5 MPG! It’s worth every penny. If you haven’t had it done do it!"

Kate C

"Recently had a DPF clean on my car following a visit to our local main dealer who wanted to replace the DPF at a cost exceeding two grand. Many thanks to the staff at Engine Detox for saving me a fortune."

D Hart

"Very professional and all-round quality service from the team."

C Barnes

"Amazing service, made every effort to get my car booked in within 24 hours and repaired and back to me within 4 hours. Can not thank them enough."

A Taylor

"Thank you so much lads, I had started to lose faith in all mankind. Wish that I had found you years ago, great service."

Dee J

"Good, friendly specialist service at a much more competitive price than main dealers."

P Smith

"Recently had an EDT and DPF treatment, car runs smoother, MPG has gone up by 3 and definitely more power when overtaking. Highly recommended."

F Bone

"Good professional service, very welcoming."