Turbo Power-Clean Treatment

Our carbon cleaning treatment cleans turbine and variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers improving power delivery and fuel economy.

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Why does it get clogged up?

Unfortunately, the exhaust gases used to power turbos are dirty and hot, so over many thousands of miles carbon build up is a natural occurrence, causing the turbo to over/under boost and the variable geometry turbine vanes to stick. This leads to effects such as reduced engine performance and lower fuel efficiency. When this occurs, the vehicle's engine control unit protects the engine by placing the vehicle in to restricted performance mode, also known as limp mode, causing the engine warning light to be illuminated.

As you will see from the video, the turbo actuator, controlled by the engine control unit, moves to allow the variable geometry vanes to adjust within the turbo. The movement of the vanes over time is restricted by the build up of carbon and sludge.

What is the cleaning process?

We use a highly effective treatment to clean turbine and variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers without needing to dismantle the vehicle. The treatment is injected directly into the combustion chamber to gain effective results. In the majority of cases, there is no requirement to remove the turbocharger for cleaning or reconditioning. On completion, we’ll reassess the engine management system and reset any fault codes.

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